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When it Comes to Trusts and Probate, There’s a Lot at Stake. Hire Experience.

When you need a trust attorney or probate lawyer, Santa Rosa-based Ed Bernard knows the business well.

Fighting with your relatives over money and or property can be miserable. Hire an advocate with over 30 years’ experience to listen and represent you and obtain justice for you and your family.

How a Probate Lawyer or Trust Attorney Can Help

Inheritance disputes come in many forms. Disputes about the language of a will or trust can arise even if a will or trust is carefully drafted. Disagreements can emerge years later about the meaning of the language and the decedent’s intent.

An attorney on your side can provide qualified advice, interpret legal documents, prepare briefs and, if necessary, provide legal representation in court proceedings. Overall, he ensures that his client’s interests are protected.

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What Can Go Wrong, and the Inheritance Services We Provide

The mental state of the drafter or any undue influence can present legal issues that need to be addressed by an experienced probate attorney.

Claims by creditors against the state often have strict filing requirements that need to be addressed by an experienced attorney.

Claims against and in support of trustees or fiduciaries need an experienced attorney.

Areas We Help with Include:

  • Self-dealing, fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement.
  • Undue influence against the elderly.
  • Physical and financial abuse can occur even by close relatives.
  • Omitted errors and other rights of beneficiaries.
  • Conservatorships proceedings.
  • Defending an elderly person against a relative or private firm attempting to take away the Liberty and freedom of the elderly.
  • Preparation of trusts, both for individuals and married persons.
  • Administration of trusts and estates,obtaining accountings when needed by law.
  • Trust amendments and important trust protection provisions and advisory protective language.
  • Mediating between parties.

Let Me Fight for Your Rights

Without the background, knowledge and advocacy of an experienced lawyer, your rights could be in jeopardy.

“I have over 30 years in the experience in these matters. I will protect your rights, in mediation or litigation.”–Ed Bernard

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